Single Tooth Implant

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Single Tooth Implant

What is Single Tooth Implant?

If you have a single missing tooth, one implant and a crown can replace it. A dental implant replaces both the lost natural tooth and its root. Replacing a single missing tooth in the smile zone is one of the most challenging procedure in implant dentistry. It not only requires an ideal implant placement, but also healthy and esthetically pleasing gums around it.


A dental implant is placed in the jaw bone where the tooth is missing. However in cases where a broken tooth or a root piece is present, an immediate implant can be placed following removal of the damaged tooth / root. This procedure may also require placement of a bone graft around the implant to augment the existing bone. If the concerned area is in the smile zone, we at our clinic believe in giving a temporary crown to the patient. After a recovery period of 3 months, permanent crown is placed over the implant replacing the temporary one.


  • • The implanted single tooth work, feel and look like a natural tooth.
  • • The natural teeth adjacent to the defective or missing tooth are not cut and kept intact .
  • • The defects of the bone can be treated and corrected through implant
  • • Dental implants are so natural looking that you will forget that you ever had a missing tooth.