Osstem Implant

Driven by uncompromising quality, cutting edge technology Osstem implants set the gold standard for innovation in the field of implants.

Osstem is among the top 5 implant in the world with presence in almost 84 countries. Osstem has a strong documentation with almost 250 articles every year being published in the international journals globally.

Precision, value, longevity, purity and aesthetics define osstem implants. Osstem implants provide world class dental implant technologies in design and surface, which are core competencies for faster and safer treatment. Osstem has various implant designs and surfaces for all types of clinical cases.

Osstem implants are surface treated with ultra thin layer of hydroxy apatite which results in greater initial stability, osseointegration and surface area compared with other implants.

Osstem Implant in Jaipur


  • • Superior initial stability for all bone types.
  • • Taper body which is close to natural tooth root.
  • • Small and corkscrew threads resulting in excellent initial stability, maximum direct contact area with cortical bone and minimum stress delivery to the surrounding bone.
  • • Helix cutting edges provides smooth passage in the bone with greater primary stability of the implant.


  • • Ideal for soft bone and sinus surgery.
  • • 3 tier taper body specially designed for the maxillary sinus and soft bone with excellent initial stability.
  • • Aggressive apex design enables this implant to be placed easily into the soft bone with good primary stability.


  • Provides high precision, care and sustainability for one time surgery.
  • Morse taper, conical seal connection at implant – abutment junction


  • • Single piece implant
  • • Perfect solution for narrow interdental space and full edentulous cases.
  • • Flexible crown margin enhances aesthetics of the final prosthesis.
  • • Ball shaped head and O ring neck connection.

  • CAS KIT:

  • • Provides easier and safer way for indirect sinus lift surgery
  • • Hydraulic membrane lifter lifts the sinus membrane safely and easily.
  • • Minimum chances of damage to the sinus membrane.
  • • Simple and intuitive surgical system.

  • LAS KIT:

  • • Safe elevation of sinus membrane during direct sinus lift surgery.
  • • Dome and core drills to create lateral window with a stopper system to prevent membrane damage.
  • • Round shaped cutting edge minimizes direct contact with the sinus membrane.

  • We at Dr. Mathur's Dental clinic and implant centre will work and decide a best possible treatment plan for you since every case is different. The procedure is explained clearly before hand to relieve patients of all fear and apprehensions.