Nobel Biocare Dental Implant

Nobel Biocare is a world leader in the field of dental implants. Nobel Biocare implants have proven themselves in everyday clinical practice in the field of dental implants. Today Nobel Biocare implants sets the standard of care and is one of the most documented implant system in the world with more than 4400 scientific publications

Nobel Biocare implants provide complete solution for different clinical situations ranging from single tooth replacement to full mouth rehabilitation with implants.

Ti Unite surface of Nobel Biocare implants is best in the world and provides increased implant stability after placement in patient's mouth, enhanced osseointegration and anchorage in the surrounding bone.

Thus Nobel Biocare implants provide superior function, stability, aesthetics and low failure rate compared to other implant systems. In long term Nobel Biocare implants maintain superior success rate.

Nobel Biocare Dental Implant

Nobel Biocare implants provide different implant design suitable for various clinical situations like:

  • 1. Nobel Active implants
  • 2. Nobel Replace implants
  • 3. Nobel Speedy implants
  • 4. Nobel Parallel conical connection
  • 5. Nobel Zygoma implant

  • Nobel Active Implant

    The unique implant design of the noble active implant provides high primary stability and aesthetic excellence. Nobel Active implants excel in difficult clinical situations like soft bone, extraction sockets or aesthetic region. It is the choice of implant for immediate implant placement and immediate function. Nobel Active expanding tapered implant body condenses bone gradually leading to high primary stability in the bone. Ti unite surface along with active cutting thread of Nobel Active implant provides excellent results.

    Nobel Active's back-tapered coronal design and built-in platform shifting are designed to optimize bone and soft tissue volume for natural-looking aesthetics.

    Why Nobel Active?

  • • High primary stability
  • • Excellent aesthetics
  • • Strong conical connection
  • • Life time warranty

  • Nobel Parallel Conical Connection:

    It’s straight forward in design and application. This implant has extraordinary flexibility. The well-documented implant body provides high primary stability and allows for universal use in all bone qualities and a wide range of indications.

    A limited number of drills ensure a straightforward surgical protocol that can be flexibly used in different bone densities. The Nobel Parallel Conical Connection apex design also allows for bi-cortical anchorage to obtain high primary stability in cases of reduced bone density.

    The proven tapered implant body with a tight sealed connection in this implant offers high stability and aesthetics. The implant-abutment interface is crucial for a long-lasting functional and aesthetic result. The internal conical connection offers a tight seal and high mechanical strength.

    The original tapered implant, Nobel Replace, mimics the shape of a natural tooth root. Designed for high initial stability, it's ideal for immediate function in both extraction sockets and healed sites.

    Nobel Speedy Implant:

    It is the original and widely documented dental implant for All on 4 treatment concept. The apex design of this implant allows for underprepared osteotomy and bicortical anchorage. With its slightly tapered body, Nobel speedy is designed to maximize primary stability and support immediate loading protocols. Nobel Speedy is available in a complete range of diameters and lengths, including narrow, extra long and extra short implants.

    Nobel Zygoma:

    Nobel zygoma implants provide greater surgical and prosthetic flexibility when treating severe maxillary resorption without grafting. Provide patients with a fixed provisional prosthesis immediately after surgery. Multi-cortical anchorage and the proven apex design allow for high primary stability.