Multiple Missing Teeth Implant

Multiple missing teeth can be replaced by various treatment options which includes:

  • • A removable partial denture
  • • Tooth supported fixed bridge
  • • Implant supported bridge
  • An implant supported bridge for replacing multiple missing teeth is best compared to the other two options.

    A removable partial denture as name suggests has to be removed at night and for cleaning. It utilizes clasps that are placed onto the adjacent teeth for retention in the mouth. This puts additional pressure on the adjacent teeth which eventually becomes loose in the mouth. Also there is resorption of the bone underneath in case of removable dentures. They can also move along in the mouth and reduces ability to chew food.

    A tooth supported fixed bridge for multiple teeth replacement is the conventional approach and provides the fixed replacement option. Adjacent healthy teeth are trimmed for taking support during bridge placement. Problems of decay , bone loss and infection of the supporting teeth is common which leads to failure of bridge. Often gums and bone can recede around a bridge leaving a visible defect and unattractive smile.

    An implant supported bridge for replacing multiple teeth is an ideal treatment option. Implant supported bridge replaces missing teeth as well as root thus preserving patient's bone. Dental implants integrate with the jaw bone keeping it healthy and intact.

    Multiple Teeth Implant


    First implants are placed into jaw bone where all teeth are missing. A healing period of 3 to 6 months follows after this so that implants bind to the surrounding bone to form an anchorage. Meantime a temporary prosthesis either removable or fixed can be given to the patient depending upon the clinical situation. Finally after the healing period gets over, replacement teeth or bridge is cemented or screwed on to the implants .

    Benefits of Implant Supported Bridge:

  • • Implant supported bridges are more aesthetic, functional and comfortable.
  • • Bone surrounded the implant remains intact thus preserving patient's native bone.
  • • Better biting and chewing capacity. Patient can eat almost anything with implants without worrying
  • about anything.

  • • Adjacent natural teeth are preserved.
  • • Implant supported teeth looks , act and feel like natural teeth.
  • • Implants provide life time replacement of missing teeth once properly placed.