Kid'S Dentistry

First Visit For Child

  • We recommend a first checkup by 12 months. A simple guide for when to schedule a first visit:
  • (1) No longer than 6 months after first tooth is erupted
  • (2) At least by 12 months old
  • (3) As soon as possible if you have any querrie
  • Checkups

  • Education and prevention are the cornerstones of our concern for the dental health of children. In addition to teaching parents and guardians about dental care for their child,checkups are an appropriate time to comfortably and easily evaluate:
  • (1) How many teeth are present
  • (2) Are all teeth present
  • (3) Loose teeth if any
  • (4) Habit evaluation
  • (5) Teach adults how to care for child's teeth
  • (6) Check health of gums