Invisible Braces

Teeth aligner systems using invisible braces are a relatively new treatment option for orthodontic patients. Invisible align system straighten your teeth by the use of clear, removable plastic tooth aligners. This avoids use of conventional braces treatment which includes putting brackets, wire and elastic bands into your mouth.

These aligners make orthodontic treatment practically invisible. The biggest advantage is being able to take out your braces whenever you need to. Invisible aligners are thin clear vacuum moulded plastic appliances designed to fit snugly over your teeth

Invisible Braces

  • • High acceptance among adult patients as they are invisible
  • • Chewing food is easier as they can be removed while eating food.
  • • Cleaning teeth is easy as they can be removed while eating food.
  • • As they are made up of plastic , they don’t irritate oral tissues unlike traditional braces can cause ulcers in the mouth.
  • • They can be used in smile designing cases where minor corrections in the front teeth positioning can be done without the use of crowns and veneers.
  • Case planning for the invisible braces involve digitizing the patient’s information and then by the use of software , an on screen animated visual representation of patient is created. This representation can be viewed and manipulated by the dentist with the aid of software. Evaluation of treatment can be done at any stage and progress can be shared with patient.

    How do invisible braces work?

    The snug fit of the aligners generates force which straightens the teeth. As you wear each set of aligners, your teeth will gradually shift into desired place. You will be asked to wear new set of aligner in every 2 week. Each set of aligner is responsible for just one step of your treatment. Each aligner just repositions specific teeth.

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