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Dental Implants

Immediate Loding (Same Day) Implant

Immediate implant and tooth placement has become very popular in the present time especially in cases of missing or damaged front tooth. With ever increasing esthetic demands of the patients, traditional protocol of 3 to 4 months of healing time is a big drawback in implant placement in front region of the mouth. Taking into account the final prosthesis , patients frequently are required to wait for almost 6 months for replacement of tooth.

Thus attempts to shorten the overall length of treatment period have been made by early or immediate loading of implants following placement and immediate placement in fresh extraction sockets.

This concept of immediate implant loading or TOOTH IN A DAY has become popular due to less trauma, reduction in overall treatment time, decrease in hard and soft tissue resorption, increase in patient's aesthetic demands and finally increased psychological benefit for the patient.


• Tooth lost due to trauma.

• Failed root canal treatment

• Root resorption

• Intact bone around the teeth

• Sufficient bone length beyond the apex of tooth


• Presence of active infection in the surrounding bone or gingiva

• Insufficient bone

• Wide gingival recession

Immediate implants require meticulous clinical and radiographical planning of the implant site. Comprehensive assessment of implant placement site with pre- operative prediction of tooth position, shape , form , gingival bio type and finally implant position & angulation is done.

Surgeons may wish to load the implant site on the day of surgery or after 2 weeks with a temporary tooth. Final prosthesis can be delivered at a later stage. Initial stability of the implant is very essential for immediate loading with a tooth after implant placement.

Dental implants that are immediately placed and loaded into carefully selected extraction site have higher survival rate.

Why Immediate Implants:

• Excellent patient's acceptability

• Reduced treatment time

• Better positioning of the implant

• Less bone resorption at the implant site as bone level is maintained by immediate implant placement

• Temporary tooth facilitates better final prosthesis

We at our clinic follow 2 INTERNATIONAL implant systems:



Some Dental Implants Cases:










Excellent soft tissue aesthetics

The concept of ALL ON 4 treatment protocol has been extremely successful in immediate loading of full arch with ease. Tilted implants can be used to immediately placed a temporary prosthesis in full mouth cases where bone level in posterior region was less.

With improvement in design and surfaces of the newer implants , immediate implant placement and loading is possible in lot many cases.

Tapered implant body with active cutting blades provide extremely good initial stability in the bone which lays foundation for immediate tooth placement.

We at Dr Mathur's Dental Clinic & Implant Center strongly believe in the concept of immediate implant placement if possible due to its obvious advantages over conventional protocol.

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