Full Mouth Dental Implants (Rehabilitation)

No teeth left in the mouth? Unable to chew food with dentures? Facing problems with loose dentures?

Multiple loose teeth present in mouth causing embarrassment? FULL MOUTH DENTAL IMPLANTS (rehabilitation) is the solution. An implant supported full bridge or denture can rectify all the above problems effectively with ease.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Implant supported full bridge and dentures have several advantages over conventional dentures like:-

  • 1. Looks, feel and function like natural teeth.
  • 2. More efficient chewing compared to dentures.
  • 3. Long lasting with predictable results.
  • 4. Implant supported dentures are more stable, efficient chewing and are easy to maintain.
  • 5. Dental implants in addition to above preserve your natural bone.
  • Multiple implants can easily be placed under local anaesthesia on patients. Older patients also can easily undergo implant surgery with ease provided there is no other uncontrolled medical condition.

    After thorough clinical and radiological assessment, multiple implants are placed in each jaw .

    Over the next 2 to 6 months, implants are allowed to bond with the bone. A temporary bridge or denture can be given to the patient sometimes

    A second procedure involves uncovering of implants and placement of healing caps or gum formers.

    Once healthy gums are formed around implants, an abutment is placed over implants then receives a bridge over it completing the process. Alternatively a denture can be screwed over the implant depending on the clinical condition.