Dental Radiology

Digital RVG X-rays

At our clinic we use advanced KODAK intra oral digital x ray.

  • • Fabricated using advanced sensor technology where a sensor is placed in the mouth which captures tooth image and transfer it instantly on to the screen in front of you.
  • • Sharp and high contrast digital image is produced which can be altered easily for different treatment needs thus helping in more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning of the patient.
  • • Most important 90% less radiation exposure to the patient compared with conventional x rays.
  • • Images are instantly produced and can be shared digitally with the patient on their personal e mail id.
  • • All the drawbacks of older x rays which required time consuming chemical processing of x ray films are eliminated.
  • Digital Panoramic X-Ray


  • • High resolution 8 mp camera which delivers precise live images of the patient's mouth on to the screen.
  • • Helps in diagnosis and dental treatment planning.
  • • Highly effective in educating and motivation of patients. Boost patient’s awareness and case acceptance.
  • Dental Radiology
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