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All on 4 Dental Implant

The ALL-ON-4 Treatment concept is the best solution for full arch treatment using tilted implants. This concept is a cost efficient , graftless solution that provides patient with a fixed full arch prosthesis on the day of surgery.

ALL-ON-4 treatment concept was introduced by Dr. Paulo Malo in 1998. Since than, thousands of patients have been treated with this concept .

This treatment protocol provides a solution for restoring full arch with dental implants on patients suffering from moderate to severe bone resorption when there is no adequate bone in posterior region of jaw for implant placement.


1.Full arch rehabilitation with only 4 implants is possible . Two axial anterior implants and 2 posterior implants tilted upto 45 degree.

2. Immediate function: Provides immediate fixed acrylic bride on the day of surgery.

3. No bone grafts or sinus lifting surgery is required.


2 tilted posterior implants provide enhanced bone support even in patients with minimum bone volume. Tilted implants provide improved anchorage in better quality anterior bone. Most importantly tilting of posterior implants avoid maxillary sinus thus avoiding sinus lift and bone grafting procedures. It also provides better distribution of implants along the alveolar crest.

Implant supported all acrylic restoration is screwed onto the implants immediately after the surgery. Final prosthesis can be fixed at a later stage.


• Attractive and life changing treatment option for patients.

• Improved function, esthetics, speech and self esteem.

• Less time consuming compared to normal full mouth implants procedure.

• Less costly

We at our clinic follow 2 INTERNATIONAL implant systems:



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We at Dr. Mathur's Dental clinic and implant center will work and decide a best possible treatment plan for you since every case is different.The procedure is explained clearly before hand to relieve patients of all fear and apprehensions.

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