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Dr. Mathur's Dental clinic and implant center seeks to provide the best and most comprehensive treatment that density has to offer to the patients at a most affordable price. We aim to develop and maintain long term relationship with our patients.


Dr. Mathur's Dental clinic and implant center provides the finest Dental care treatment with accuracy and perfection in Jaipur. The team of highly skilled specialists are lead by Dr. Mathur in their commitment to perfection and excellence. Our clinic is equipped to provide a complete range of treatments.

• Highly experienced and extremely skilled doctor.
• We believe and give importance to research and innovation.
• The clinic meets ISO specification.
• We provide complete patient care in a very non stressful and comforting ambience.


We care and understand the complexity and rigidity of dental problems. So we believe and understand the absolute need to tackle the problems with ultimate care and guidance. We adhere to the highest standard in customer service, hygiene and safety of the patient while being resourceful and transparent.

Sterilized environment

We always take advanced and universal precautions to protect our patients and staff from all kind of healthcare associated infection and threats. Our clinic follows all the disinfection and sterilization protocol needed for infection control, matching international standards.

• Ultra sonic Cleaner is used to decontaminate and sterilize the dental instruments.
• Disposable pouches are used for the appropriate packing of the dental instruments and ensure proper storage of sterilized instruments thereafter.
• Autoclave is used to kill all bacteria and viruses by heat, pressure and steam.
• U.V. Chamber is used to store sterilized instruments.
• Use of single use disposable surgical gloves, masks, suction tips and glasses to protect our patients from cross infections.
• Pure distilled water is used during all the procedures done on the dental chair.
• Chemical disinfection of dental chair, counter tops and surfaces after every patient.
• Regular fumigation of the clinical operatory.

Transparency and Ethical practice:

• Treatment options are given to patients so that they can actively participate in their dental care.
• Prices are clearly communicated to patients. There are no hidden fees.
• Official receipts are provided for all procedures to ensure complete financial compliance.
• Dr. Mathur's Dental clinic and implant center maintain the policy of non tolerance for unethical business behavior.