Root Canal Treatment in Jaipur

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Jaipur and its procedure is one of the most feared dental treatment. Most people would give a bad experience regarding their root canal treatment procedure and still assume that root canals are painful. But with the advancement and new technology available at our clinic, root canals are no more painful than getting simple fillings. A root canal treatment in Jaipur is done to repair and save a badly damaged tooth or an infected tooth. Treatment involves removing the nerve of the tooth(pulp), cleaning of the canals in the root of the tooth and finally sealing it up by an artificial filling.

" Once the tooth is cleaned and infected part removed, the pain disappears"

root canal treatment in Jaipur


A Tooth can be Damaged or Infected Due to Many Factors:

  1. 1. Deep dental decay
  2. 2. Cracked tooth
  3. 3. Trauma or blow to the tooth
  4. 4. Repeated dental procedure on the same tooth
Signs and Symptoms That Indicate Need For a Root Canal:

  1. 1. Extreme tooth pain on chewing
  2. 2. Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  3. 3. Swelling in gums around the concerned tooth with pus discharge
  4. 4. Dark or discolored tooth after trauma


    X RAY:

    Root canal starts with a simple x- ray of the tooth . It helps to see the location of the canals in the root , no of roots and infection in the bone around the tooth.


    Concerned tooth is made numb to minimize discomfort to the patient.

    Disinfection of the tooth:

    An access hole or opening is made in the tooth and infected pulp and bacteria is removed.


    Once the tooth is cleaned, the root of the tooth is filled with an artificial material called as gutta percha.

    Above procedure can be completed in multiple visits or in a single sitting.

Single Sitting Root Canal:

We at Dr Mathur's Dental Clinic & Implant Center believe in performing root canals in single sitting except in certain cases with pus discharge . At our clinic, we perform root canals treatment in Jaipur under strict sterilization protocols using latest digital x – ray, endomotor hand piece and apex locator. Whole procedure is done under antibiotic coverage for 3 to 5 days. Multiple teeth can be root canal treated in single sitting , if needed.

Advantages of single sitting RCT:

  1. - Saves patient's time as multiple sittings not required
  2. - Absolutely painless procedure
  3. - Avoid multiple injections
  4. - More efficient and less trauma for the patient